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Atlantis Cad-Cam Abutments
Platform independent and available in the materials you want, Atlantis patient-specific abutments are Cad-Cam abutments desgined to replicate natural prepared teeth, making implant treatment as simple and predictable as traditional crown and bridge dentistry. They eliminate the need to inventory parts. Just take an implant-level impression and send it to Northern Virginia Dental Lab, and authorized Atlantis Abutment lab. Uniquely designed from the final tooth shape, Atlantis abutments provide optimzed esthetics and function. The abutments are made of Titanium, Gold-Coated Titanium or Zirconia.

The Slant Lock System
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Combines the rock-solid feel of fixed bridgework with the hygenic and esthetic benefits of a removable denture.

The Slant-Lock retention system is a hybrid which has the solid, locked-in stability of a fixed erosthesis, yet can be easily unlocked and removed by the patient. The Slant-Lock system features three-point retention for maximum stability: Distally, retention is created by the use of two slanted, double-tapered wedged and sleeves which are tilted approximately 30 degrees from vertical. Anterior retention is achieved from a housing which slips over the bar, with a latch arm that engages beneath the splinting bar. There are no springs or parts requiring replacement. Totally abutment supported, the prosthesis feels as solid as bridgework to the patient. A videotape is available for viewing or for purchase.

This product requires a Highly Competent laboratory. 
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