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Choose Ultra-Clear instead of traditional chrome to give your patient a more comfortable and aesthetic partial. These nonporous, biocompatible, stain resistant partials flex when placed in the patients mouth for a “snap” fit with better retention. Like chrome, you can even place rests with Ultra-Clear. Strong and durable, these partials do not break under the stress of daily use giving your patient years of reliability. There is no need to take a framework shade and no more “metal mouth”. A better material for a better appliance.
It’s hard to match the beauty of a natural-looking Acetal partial or unilateral. In addition to its beauty, it is strong, durable, biocompatible, bacteria and stain resistant and has a “Snap Fit” for comfort. Clasps can be made to fit into a deeper undercut for better retention. Acetal is available in all of the standard Vita shades, three bleaching shades and as a natural gingival tissue color allowing for a more aesthetic partial for your patient.   
DuraFlex is an ideal material for full and partial dentures when the patient is allergic to acrylic monomers. A light weight, comfortable, very flexible material that is practically unbreakable. A great choice for patients that are prone to denture or partial breaking. DuraFlex is also ideal for cases with cleft plate conditions, periodontal involved teeth, sensitive teeth, cancerous mouths or in cases where teeth are compromised or comfort is an issue.
VisiClear is the Revolutionary, clear, hypo-allergenic thermoplastic clasp. It blends in with the tooth and gum colors around them, no need to take a shade. Moisture resistant, stain resistant, metal-free, biocompatible and so flexible they are virtually unbreakable. 
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